There is no limit to the future. A successful company needs exceptional professionals. And clients deserve exemplary service and results. I have spent years developing my approach to top notch customer service and achieving excellent outcomes for both the companies I work for, and the clients I serve. I believe that hard-work and dedication occur naturally when an individual is self-motivated by passion, kindness and a desire to thrive as a team. I simply refuse to give up to difficult challenges because ‘success comes in cans, and not in can’ts’. And I am ecstatic about learning new things and building new skill-sets to better serve all facets of my livelihood: my family, my community and my work.

Hello, my name is Kristoffer Diocampo and this is what I can offer you…


I am a new call to the Ontario bar for September 2018 with significant legal experience in several areas of law including: personal injury (both plaintiff and insurance defence), real estate, contract law, immigration and debtor law.

I have also completed the requirements to be an Australian Lawyer and will be soon attending my call ceremony to  practice Australian law.


One of the most important skills for a lawyer is the ability to find, communicate with and retain clients. In a difficult economy where competition is fierce and challenging to secure business, I rely on my network of colleagues to create marketing solutions through digital website development and strategy.

I use my own personal branding as an example of how I build strong relationships through solutions to client challenges.

charity volunteer

In harmony with my professional work, I am a firm believer in contributing back to society and I actively try to find the time to support and lend my skills and experiences to much needed causes in our local community.

As a Christian, I glorify my God by sharing my time and skills to assist other people in need, as well as contribute to causes that alleviate poverty and both physical and social suffering.


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Connecting is Natural.

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