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An Excerpt From My Journal: Around February 5th, 2015.

An Excerpt From My Journal: Around February 5th, 2015.

What is Livelihood?

When we first arrived in Tacloban, one of the first things we did was meet with Tacloban’s mayor on the needs of his people in the area.

He mentioned the necessity of “livelihood.”

Livelihood is “a means of securing the necessities of life.” Of course, we most often interpret this as employment and the ability to draw an income.

Our jobs secure us with food, water, shelter and the means to pay for commodities and services. Yet, the emotional necessity of fulfillment, satisfaction and dignity go beyond just receiving a paycheck.

I have come to learn that my people’s livelihood encompasses more than that. What is needed is a sense of dignity, satisfaction and fulfillment in what they do.

And I think that is one of the toughest difficulties of living in temporary housing; being filed away in a corner while you wait for someone to take care of you.

You feel helpless.

And that is why I still have this sense of wonder watching how hard the people in Tacloban try to continue to rebuild.

I’ve played many basketball games in my life, but the best ones were in the Philippines. At the end of this day, there was no trophy or gift certificate.

But the look on the eyes of the teams when they have won (or at least played an amazing game)…I want them to have that for more than just idle sport activities.

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