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Krav Maga Training Trip in Bali

I want to organize a short martial arts trip in Bali, Indonesia

I am a martial arts enthusiast who always looks for opportunities to find cost effective training in a variety of fighting styles, techniques and self-defence systems. As a graduating student and traveling backpacker, I know the need to maintain a minimal budget, and I hope that I can start up a low cost martial arts trip. To begin, I would like to go to Bali, Indonesia to train in krav maga, as well as have a bit of fun at the beach. I would like to date this trip for March 18 – March 22, 2017.

The focus of this trip will be based on the following:

  • Krav Maga Martial arts training
  • Low cost training
  • Full day training (8:30am – 3:00pm)
  • Effective rest days at the beach
  • Nutritional meals
  • Simple accommodation

I came up with the idea looking for a martial arts excursion online and found it to be very expensive for a short term trip, unless you are willing to commit a whole month or year, which is very unreasonable for people who are students or working full time jobs.

With some contacts while I was traveling in Jakarta, Indonesia, I found a few English speaking krav maga instructors in the area who were keen on preparing for me intensive all day sessions while also helping plan some fun beach time and extracurricular events in the country. I chose to have them train in Bali because I reckon we can hit the training hard, and then recover on the beach.

If you are interested, I made a simple form that you can message me from:

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You can also email me at:

Why Krav Maga?

Here is an entertaining segment from Human Weapon on Krav Maga:

This is a fun Facebook video taken of me with a krav maga trainer on knife defence:

Who I Want & Who I Don’t Want

I WANT people who will take the training seriously, be ready for training on time, and push themselves to their limits to get the most out of the training. I want people who are respectful, who are looking to come into this vacation and leave as different and better people. I also want people who understand martial arts for more than its cool fighting and embrace its philosophy, morals and code of ethics. I really encourage women to come along on this trip because I would love to organize a university based women’s self defense trip in the future. Your participation can help me make that a reality. Also, in terms of skill level, I would love to get a range of skills from beginner to advanced. I will be honest if there is a gross proportion (e.g. if you are the only advanced enthusiast) so you can assess whether the trip will be right for you. I myself would be closer to an intermediate, but I promise the advanced trainees that I will do everything in my power to push you so you can benefit. I am not scared of taking hits or being an uke for throws or submissions.

I DON’T WANT people who are basically akin to bullies or douchebags. If you are the type to want to learn so you can brawl in a bar, or to put yourselves over other people physically, then this trip is not for you. I am down to have a good time, but I also want people who can focus on more than just themselves. I also don’t want people who disrespect women, or who get frustrated with beginners or ‘weaker’ people.  As martial artists were all there once upon a time.

I envision a trip where we all come in as strangers and walk out of this experience as friends and warriors in arms so to speak. The main focus of this trip will be on trust, safety, respect and improvement. If I cannot bring this to you all, then I have failed you as a leader and as a friend.

About Me

For general information, you can cruise my website. However, in brief I am an Australian Queensland State Judo Champion, and just a regular mate like yourselves who is really into fitness, martial arts training an travel. I decided to try and organize this trip as a bit of an experiment. If I can make it successful, maybe I can turn it into a side business to help fund further martial arts vacations for myself in the future.

I am a law graduate with a focus on both Australian and Canadian law, as well as a focus on business and entrepreneurship. Not only am I looking to push myself physically and spiritually, but also mentally and I would love to have people along who are interested in a range of different topics. I love learning new things and I hope you will too.

About the Instructors

I am happy to say that Roy Hareguna, an acquaintance of mine while I was traveling Jakarta, is happy to be the lead instructor for this trip. His credentials are listed below:

– Krav Maga Instructor Level 2 (2016) by Indonesian Krav Maga, Jakarta – Industry Qualified Instructor and Certified Coach (2015) by Martial Arts Australia – Completion of VIP Protection & Multiple Attacker (2014) by SOF Krav Maga, Sydney – Krav Maga Senior Instructor (2014) by School of Fighters, Sydney – Krav Maga General Instructor (2013) by School of Fighters, Sydney – Combat Fighting Instructor (2013) by School of Fighters, Sydney – Probationary Black Belt in Taekwondo (2013) by WTF and Kukkiwon – Fighter Level 3 (2013) by Tactical Krav Maga, Sydney – Tough Mudder and City2Surf finisher – Trained in Pencak Silat and Aikido

I am also looking for a good Muay Thai trainer in the area because I also want to brush up on some extra striking skills while I am there. I will update people when this has been confirmed.

About the Costs

Since this is my own experiment, I will be trying to minimize costs as low as I possibly can (hopefully below $800 including airfare if you are flying from Australia.)

I would like to try for a minimum of 10 people and an absolute maximum of 20 people. I do not want too large of a group because it may affect our training and ability to receive quality instruction from Roy and other instructors.

Further, I would like this trip to be all inclusive with accommodation, most meals and transportation around Indonesia included. I think that this is very doable if people are flexible and happy with a more “militaryesque” experience. I am not looking to do fancy or posh. I want serious training for serious martial artists who want to improve their skills and are willing to take a couple of bruises to make it happen.

Other Considerations

I will be taking out travel insurance for myself and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone does the same. Depending on the numbers, I may be able to negotiate a group deal for all of us if everyone is keen.

I would like a couple of free days to have fun in Bali as well so ideally, I would like a group that works well together and is likeable. Before the trip, I reckon we should all meet for drinks just to get to know each other and build up some cohesion before we travel.

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