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Let me tell you why your best offer is a Kristoffer!

Kristoffer Ryan Diocampo

I decided to start up this website as a way for me to connect with my contacts on a more personal level. Also, having my own slice of the internet is basically my way of taking advantage of low cost digital real estate.

To succinctly put it, I am your professional to help fill in your gaps in legal work, office management, client relations, and digital marketing. The best fit that I can be for a company is a place that puts priority on: face to face client interaction, company culture focused on cohesion & trust, and the never-ending belief that company goals can always be improved.

I wish I can say that my 16+ years of work experience is centered on one single specialty because life would be easier to explain that way. However, that is hardly the case. I am a ‘jack of all trades, with a specialization in some’ thanks to the teachings of many world wide mentors and the fortune of being born with a wanderlust that often leads me to traveling to distant places that force me to constantly challenge my comfort zones.

I am a strong ENFP that can be described by my friends as a hopeless romantic, tireless motivator, and a seeker of challenges. I blatantly look for the most difficult and interesting tasks because taking the initiative to overcome the seemingly impossible is the best way to inspire others to do the same.

I am one of those guys who believes that success comes in cans, and not in cants.

Even though I have an ambition to become a lawyer, the path to my destiny is not just a straight forward hop, skip and jump to that goal. I am an accomplished interdisciplinarian who has traveled the world and experienced so many different things along the way. This has truly made me a unique candidate among the huge pool of aspiring legal professionals.


Because personality is just as important as being a professional.

  • I am a Queensland State Judo Champion in Australia.
  • I went skydiving in New Zealand and accidentally smacked into a bird in mid flight.
  • An elephant tried to eat my arm in India.
  • If you want an endless conversation, let’s talk about sports, comic book characters, TV or movies.
  • Besides my parents, Fresh Prince of Bel Air also raised me as a child.


Versatility in law & leadership

  • Boston University (Massachusetts, United States) – Expected Graduation 2017
    • MSc in Management – Specialization in Business Continuity, Securities & Risk Management
  • Bond University (Queensland, Australia) – Graduated 2016
    • Juris Doctor of Law
  • Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario, Canada) – Graduated 2011
    • BA in Leadership Honors – Influential Psychology Focus
  • Sheridan College (Ontario, Canada)  – Graduated 2008
    • Court & Tribunal Agent (Paralegal) Diploma


From hospitality management to law & legal marketing

Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers (Brisbane, Australia)

Period: From June 2016 to December 2016

Position: Paralegal, Contract Administrator and Marketing Coordinator

Areas of Practice: Construction Contract Administration, Contract Law and Negotiation

Summation of Role:

• 6 month contract position providing high level support to Managing Director, as required, in relation to leading legal department for contracts administration.

• Liaising with clients in relation to contracts administration.

• Conducting induction for new staff, including provision of all relevant documentation.

• Staff documentation – on commencement and on exiting. Ensuring all required documentation is completed and forward to the Managing Director and/or Finance Manager.

• Controlling and managing incoming project related documentation, where requested.

• Preparing submission documentation for larger projects.

• Preparing EOI responses and capability statements.

• Maintaining the company database, ensuring accuracy and currency of information, in relation to specific assigned tasks.

• Generating and maintaining a database/list of potential employees/resumes for Omnii offices.

• Facilitating annual renewal of company insurance for PI, PL and Workers Compensation, i.e. complete renewal documentation, submit and follow up, to ensure current status at all times, including certificates of currency.

• Assisting in event management, as required.

• Implementing, maintaining and managing register of Memberships and Subscriptions

• Responding to queries regarding the Fair Work Act and ensure compliance with Industry & Occupation Awards for clerical and lower level engineering staff

• Managing purchase of PPE and construction blue/white/red card register.

• Quality Assurance – working to Omnii procedures, maintaining Omnii processes and contributing/enhancing the QA system, as required.

• Be the champion of all matters marketing, taking direction from the marketing committee including website content, SEO and social media, i.e. Linked In, Facebook, etc.

One of the first lessons my managing director gave me when I started working was the “1% Rule.” He gave me a sports analogy that can be summarized as: the best teams who win are different from everyone else because of the little things they do during the game that are not highlighted in statistics. The 1% actions done consistently everyday during the job and in life  are not just small details that add up to create something more than success. They are habits we form that make our outcomes and deliverables exceptional compared against the competition.

Siganporia Law Firm (Ontario, Canada)

Period: From July 2012 to Present (3+ years)

Position: Paralegal & Legal Consultant (Legal, Marketing, Office Management, Project Management)

Areas of Practice: Canadian Personal Injury Law (Ontario) – Accident Benefits

Summation of Role:

  • Head Paralegal in charge of Accident Benefits Department and carriage of over 500+ client files
  • Legal consultant for office management and legal marketing
  • Implemented numerous office projects including: website, student internship program, VPN office capability and billing improvements.

Notable Achievements:

  • Attended 141+ FSCO matters including Mediation and Examination Under Oath
  • Accrued $569,000+ in client settlements for minor injury and non-catastrophic injury claims in less than a year.
A client was having difficulty in getting the insurance company to start paying her income replacement benefits. As a matter of fact, they were delayed by a span of months. After I was given carriage of the file, I convinced the insurance company to pay her benefits to date while we continued the claim. When I told her what we accomplished, she cried on the phone. It was a great feeling that I still remember today.

East Coast Injury Lawyers (Queensland, Australia)

Period: From June 2014 – Dec. 2015 (1 year 7 months)

Position: Legal Marketing Coordinator (Legal, Marketing)

Areas of Practice: Australian Personal Injury Law (Qld) – WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summation of Role:

  • Responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategy and generating marketing media content in compliance with personal injury advertising restrictions under s.64 – s66 of the Personal Injury Proceedings Act (2002) (‘PIPA’).
  • Attended settlement conferences and reviewed client files to analyze and present legal opinions to principal.
  • Drafted and finalized online web copy and legal articles catered to specific target clients based on specific online inquiries, client fact based questions, changes in law and popular culture.

Notable Achievements:

While attending my first settlement conference in Brisbane, I observed a very significant difference between the way that Canadians and Australians negotiate in personal injury. The importance of building a rapport was very prevalent in Australia, while Canada seems to be more direct in their negotiations. The experience has illuminated many possibilities of conflict resolution approaches that I feel could only be learned from international exposure.

Bell Temple LLP (Ontario, Canada)

Period: From Jan. 2011 to Nov. 2011 (11 months)

Position: Law Clerk (Law Office Administration)

Areas of Practice: Insurance Defence

Summation of Role:

  • Filing and Briefing client files.
  • Arranging and sorting out medical documentation with highlights on legally relevant areas using Primafact docket system.
Bell Temple LLP was my first experience in personal injury law from the insurance defense perspective. While working in one of the top 10 insurance defense firms in Canada, I learned the importance of prioritizing and time management. This job was where coffee and I became best friends.

Skapinker & Shapiro LLP, Rosenblatt Immigration Law, Henshell Law (Ontario, Canada)

Period: Between April 2007 and Nov. 2011 (2 years 1 month combined)

Position: Legal Internships (Law Office Administration)

Areas of Practice: Family Law, Canadian Immigration, Debtor Law, Real Estate

Summation of Role:

  • Responsible for filing and general administration work including taking phone calls, legal billing and document drafting for various legal matters.
One of the most memorable lessons I learned during my internship occurred when I went with my principal, Katherine Henshell, to Superior Court to observe her in bringing a motion. Along the way, she told me: “If you ever start your own firm, always secure your clients first before you even consider starting your own business.”

Credit Valley Golf & Country Club (Ontario, Canada)

Period: From April 2004 to Nov. 2011 (7 years 8 months)

Position: Food & Beverage Supervisor

Areas of Expertise: Banquet & Restaurant Service (Fine Dining)

Summation of Role:

  • Worked up the company ladder starting from busser to bartender, to assistant banquet captain, to banquet captain, and finally food & beverage supervisor.
  • Supervised a team of 30+ staff in all areas of food & beverage including the Valley Grill restaurant and the Banquet department with functions of up to 300 people.
  • Managed all aspects of fine dining service including: setups, buffet, fine dining (French & Gueridon), special events (VIP, holidays, weddings, club events, etc.)
  • Client & patron management; resolving complaints, dealing with emergencies and managing the entire club in the absence of higher management.

Notable Achievements:

  • Numerous commendations from club members, guests and VIP patrons.
  • Member of Health & Safety Committee.
One of the most important pieces of advice that I have learned working at CV has come from my catering manager, Veeno: “If you always do what you did, you’ll always get what you got.”