There is no limit to the future. I spent years developing myself as a professional. I believe that hard-work and dedication occur naturally through self-motivation by passion, kindness and a desire to thrive as a team.

I simply refuse to give up to difficult challenges because ‘success comes in cans, and not in can’ts’.

I am ecstatic about learning new things and building new skill-sets to better serve all facets of my livelihood: my faith, my family, my community and my work.

Hello, my name is Kristoffer Diocampo and this is what I can offer you…


I was called to the Ontario bar for September 2018 with years of previous legal experience in several areas of law: personal injury (plaintiff & insurance defence), real estate, contract law, immigration and debtor law. I have also completed the requirements to be an Australian Lawyer.


One of the most important skills for a lawyer is the ability to find, communicate with and retain clients. I rely on my network of colleagues to create marketing solutions through digital website development and strategy.

charity volunteer

In harmony with my professional work, I am a firm believer in contributing back to society. As a Christian, I glorify God by sharing my time and skills to assist other people in need, as well as contribute to causes that alleviate poverty and both physical and social suffering.


Connecting is Natural.

Please join my email list. I love opportunities to share what I know, and what I am learning with other people. I hope by sharing my insights and experiences with you, then you in turn may do the same through a kind message or even an offer for a cup of coffee. I try to be mindful that “knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.”

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