The Story of Friendsmas/Friendsgiving

How It All Began

Back in the early 2000’s, the Click (i.e. Ryan/Kris, Corey, Dan and Dane), childhood friends from gradeschool, decided that special occasions stopped us from seeing each other due to family responsibilities and as such we needed our own holiday to share together. Yes, the bromance was strong in us all. Essentially Friendsgiving/Friendsmas fell on the closer of whatever day we all could get together shortly before or following the major family holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. The get together involved potluck food, drinks, fun games, and the cake. This continued as regular tradition between the Click throughout highschool.

The Evolution of Friendsmas/Friendsgiving

As time passed, we all met new awesome people and friends, which has expanded the circle and brought forth new amazing memories, and forever friendships. Thanks to amazing people like you all, we have unforgettable LOLs such as:

  • Richard hosting a Nerf Gun battle in his apartment (which expanded through his whole floor) and caused security to investigate and almost kick us out;
  • Dan and Christina buying 60 hamburgers at McDonalds as their potluck contribution;
  • Noriko and Alia trying to recreate their Korean corn and cheese recipe and succeeding/failing amazingly;
  • The Click infusing every food item with beer to see if we can evolve cooking;
  • And many more random things I can explain, but I digress from the point.

The Rules

  • First and foremost, respect is key. Even as a close friend you are a guest at someone’s home (unless you are hosting), so don’t be a douche canoe.
  • The open invite rule for Friendsmas/Friendsgiving was amended. Before, it was open invite, which was a component of Random Asian Movie Night. Sadly, most of us are no longer in highschool/college and have this nagging thing called responsibility. So please respect the hosts of Friendsmas/Friendsgiving by first checking to see if you can invite any additional friends.
  • Everything is potluck so bring something to share with everyone (i.e. check the guestlist for numbers). Traditionally the host and Ryan/Kris chip in extra to make sure there’s enough food for everyone, but the point of Friendsmas/Friendsgiving is building relationships and strengthening bonds, which leads to…
  • Contribute what you can. If you are tight on cash, let Ryan/Kris or the host know so we can accommodate. Instead, maybe you can help up setting the event or chipping in for clean up. Everything is anonymous, and we all had tough times over the years. Even in gradeschool, we made sure that nobody gets left behind on Friendsmas/Friendsgiving. (Random LOL: Corey worked in Zehrs, Ryan/Kris worked in African Lion Safari and Dane worked in the Lays Chips Factory. Dan worked at Canadian Tire and was mistaken for a suspect and held at gunpoint by police. So yes, we all were ghetto at some point.)
  •  BYOB. Also, refer to the first rule and handle your drunkenness. Hosts will mention any crashing arrangements (if available), but nonetheless, if you cannot drive…
  • DO NOT DRIVE HOME DRUNK. We all came in alive together. We’re seeing each other again until we’re 90 and mummified…except the Asians who never age. Friends take care of friends.
  • The Rules of the Cake apply as per Random Asian Movie Night…so if it’s your first time attending our event, you HAVE to make a cake…with the whisk (slightly updated but nonetheless still a pain in the ass).

Date and Location

To be disclosed by the Host.

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